Interpreting – from A – Z

We are always keen to offer our customers high-quality performance at a reasonable price; in doing so, we take great care to maintain a fair price-performance ratio which guarantees us secure prospects for the future and gives our partners (both customers and external service providers) a solid basis for the pursuit of project-related collaboration.

quality objective no. 7

“Today, the fate of the world depends primarily on its statesmen and secondarily on their interpreters.”
Trygve Lie, Norwegian politician,
1st Secretary-General of the United Nations

That is what we believe too.

Our principles:

  • Exclusive deployment of professional and experienced interpreters with a degree or similar qualification
  • Colleagues interpret into their native language and into the foreign language

That is only possible with professional competence:

  • More than 30 years of know-how in project implementation
  • Commitment, flexibility, professionalism and qualified response capacity of internal and external staff
  • Simultaneous interpreting (at [video] conferences, professional meetings, site visits, etc.)
    • Conference equipment required (on-line platforms such as Zoom and Cisco Webex, booth or portable interpreting equipment)
    • Team of two interpreters per language combination, alternating every 20-30 minutes
  • Escort interpreting / whisper interpreting (for meetings of short duration and with a small number of participants)
    • No conference equipment
    • Either one or two interpreters

We also provide special interpreting skills:

  • Telephone interpreting
  • Provision of conference equipment required (platforms for on-line interpreting at video conferences – also hybrid [combination of attendance and video] – booths incl. equipment – sound system – portable interpreting equipment)
  • Speech-to-text interpreting for persons with impaired hearing

Our fee system reflects a fair price-performance ratio:

  • Invoicing of interpreting assignments based on daily fees
  • Invoicing of portable interpreting equipment depending on the number of sets of headphones / receivers required
  • Invoicing of conference technology depending on booth equipment and existing sound system
  • Invoicing of on-line platform depending on duration and number of participants


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