Practical training – An insight into the practical side

Our ongoing development allows us to face the growing demands of the market, which are not least generated by globalisation. And so it is that old customers remain faithful to us, whilst new customers are quick to place their confidence in our capabilities.

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Our offer

We encourage the vocational training of our own staff. In this way, we give young people an insight into what their working life might look like later on.
Our programme is aimed at students and graduates of translation studies.

It includes:

  • Introduction to quality-compliant proof-reading
  • Manual and computer-assisted counting of texts for preparation of quotations
  • Rendering of small legal translations with feedback after 100% proof-reading by experienced colleagues
  • General office work such as administration of project records


  • At least two semesters of translation studies in a masters programme, or
  • Degree as a translator or some similar qualification
  • Specialist subject law (preferred)
  • A period spent abroad is an advantage
  • Additional commercial training is desirable


  • At least 6 weeks
  • Full-time work obligatory


Simply submit your detailed application documents by e-mail to