Quality management – this is how we work!

Just as with our customers, we aim for partnership and teamwork in our collaboration with external service providers. This enables us to deploy top-class professionals, at the same time forming the basis on which the approach to work for which BENDER & PARTNER GMBH is known, i.e. delivering high quality, even under extreme conditions, is at all possible.

quality objective no. 5

As suppliers to the automobile industry we were already required early on to come to terms with the topic of quality management and obtain appropriate certification. Here is some information about our development:

  • 1986: Introduction of initial quality criteria with the installation of an integrated order processing system; continuous further development
  • 1996: Attainment of quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9002
  • 2001: Adaptation of existing certification to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • 2008: Further development of the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Since 2013: Member of QSD, the Association of Quality Language Services in Germany

It is necessary to put theoretical requirements into practice both internally and externally.
Internally, that means:

  • Definition of standards for the uniform handling of all processes
  • Documentation of all processes to guarantee traceability
  • Analysis of potentially undesirable developments and elaboration of countermeasures
  • Quality control and resolute monitoring of deviations in quality
  • Detection and rectification of deviations in day-to-day business
  • Regular internal meetings

External implementation affected customer contact, but first and foremost contact with our freelance colleagues:

  • Tertiary education degree or equivalent qualification
  • Experience and/or specialisation in one or more specialist fields as an entry requirement for freelance colleagues
  • Absolute confidentiality with regard to documents and information
  • Involvement of our freelance colleagues in our quality standards and obligations
  • Surveys of customer and employee satisfaction

Project administration for providers of language services

For project administration we use T.O.M. (“Translator’s Office Manager”), a programme tailored to the special requirements of language service providers. In close collaboration with the developer, this versatile, efficient programme has been adapted to suit the special needs and requirements of BENDER & PARTNER, and thus renders order processing and documentation much easier. At the same time, the programme ensures that procedures remain traceable, as required in the context of quality management.